What is Black Dog Transport?

black dog transport north devon vehicle secure transport 04Well, it is not a conventional courier service, flying around the roads of the U.K delivery parcels and goods to rigid time frames. It's a delivery service adaptable to meet the needs of customers that want something better.

I'm Paul, the owner and driver, I'm a retired Police Officer bringing skills to my business learnt whilst in service. Skills such as being a trained advance grade driver, a trained surveillance driver and a counter surveillance trained driver. Security of all loads is paramount, to this end once loaded I never leave my vehicle, even at night! My vehicle, a Peugeot Boxer 3.5 ton van can be operated marked or unmarked, depending on the nature of loads carried or to meet customer requirements.

I specialise in the secured movement of motor cycles, be they classics, antiques, custom builds or just your pride and joy.black dog transport north devon vehicle secure transport 08

I also specialise in the movement of art pieces or installations, offering a bespoke solution for your transport requirements.

Are you looking for a service provider to move sensitive material? Business files maybe? Or other assets too bulky for conventional secure postal providers to handle?

Black Dog Transport is a business that is capable of listening to your requirements, assessing your needs, working with you to meet your requirements and delivering on time, safely and securely.

black dog transport north devon vehicle secure transport 06All areas of the UK covered and Western Europe. £20,000 goods in transit and £2,000,000 public liabilty insurance coverage, provides peace of mind.

If you think I can assist you, please fill out the enquiry form and I'll get back to you to discuss your specific needs.

I am a professional transport provider, I believe in providing you with a professional service, if i'm moving your goods, I'm also representing you and your business.

Contact me through the website and as soon as I am not driving I will get back to you.